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What My Clients Are Saying 

Image by Rosie Fraser


My client, the Chinese Canadian Museum, whose public launch  + government funding announcements received national attention, was in urgent need of an initial website designed and delivered within a rapid timeframe.  Deanna is responsive, professional and quick to turn around products or highlight concerns needing to be addressed .  Due to the organization's infancy, there was little information or direction to guide Deanna on developing a site that would be appropriate for a multi-cultural and multi-generational audience and have the right tone.  As time was limited, Deanna's ability to maneuver from one platform to the next (Wix to SquareSpace), identify appropriate templates, and site-flow meant minimal edits were required, and all timelines were achieved. Deanna's skills were demonstrated as she managed to navigate the creation of translation pages, in two separate languages, that emulated similar User Experience wherever possible.  Deanna was incredibly quick and responsive to all requests and was able to launch project days ahead of time. I would highly recommend DY Promotions as your web designer as she is highly competent in how she supports her clients and designs effective and visually appealing sites at speed

Nikki Sieben, Principal

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